Our dedication to the work and the experience in car body repair business and adjusting the vehicle body deformities guarantee you the highest quality of service in a shortest period of time. By everyday perfecting of techniques that we use and by monitoring the world trends in car body repair industry, we will give you the most efficient service.

In contrast with the previous way of work, now we have three different ways of repairing:
By physical tools  By glue  By vacuum 

New techniques of adjusting the tin car body part to solve the damage done by the ice precipitation will save your time and money and spare you from extra work of desasembling car and painting od the car.

The technique of adjusting the tin car body parts part to solve the damage done by the ice precipitation by physical tools, glue or vacuum will not damage the paint and lac on your car body, which makes it increasingly popular and much more profitable in comparison with the older techniques. In more than 90% of the cases you will not be able to notice if the vehicle suffered the damage from the ice precipitation, when it leaves our centre.

Yu-dent.doo offers you services of adjusting the damage on your car body and adjusting the tin car body at the most favourable prices in town. Quickly and easily with high degree of precision of our skilfull workers you will get your car that has restored its previous looks and shine.